Posted by: inthirdperson | August 7, 2009

Baby steps

She’d had it. It had been a long day. She worked. She chased the boy all day. She worked. She pretended. She dealt with harsh realities. For some reason she couldn’t name, she knew this would be it. The house was quiet. One was out and one was sleeping, soundly for once, thanks to being the chase-ee for the better part of the day. Still, exhausted as she was, she knew she would grab the idea that had been repeatedly shoved to the back burner. She knew she would grab it, stubborn little thing that it was, and yank it to the front burner once and for all.

She hoped it would be an outlet for her. She wondered if there would be feedback. She wondered, as she had since the begining, since the idea first began insinuating itself into her thoughts every. single. day., if the readers would assume it was all about her. She thought they would. She didn’t want to care what they thought. She knew she would anyway.